Piano Lessons For Adults?

Are Piano Lessons For Adults Worth It?Certainly the best time to learn fine motor-skills is when you are young.  If you have ever tried to learn piano you know it is a very tough game.  So, are piano lessons for adults a waste of time and money?  

Before you answer, you’ve got to hear this story     

My 80 year old uncle (who will be 81 in a couple of weeks) had tried to learn piano over the years without success. 

  1. His mother tried to teach him piano when he was growing up, but he loved baseball which he is still playing to this day.  So he never learned to play piano.
  2. As a 50 year old, he purchased an adult beginner piano lesson course that used a booklet and cassettes for teaching only simple chords and melodies.  It didn’t work for him, so he stopped playing after a few months.
  3. Twenty-five years later, in his mid-70s, he took beginner piano lessons from a private teacher at the best local, accredited music school.  In addition to that, he practiced at least one hour per day for three months.  Unfortunately, he again could not make significant progress and stopped trying.

After developing my “Personalized Adult Piano Lessons” course, I was positive that I could definitely teach him how to play piano even though he was now 80 years old.

I gently begged him to give me just 30 minutes to prove that it would work.  He reluctantly agreed but when I showed up for the first piano lesson from me, he became unusually stern and stated that he was now:

too old and had no rhythm.

Luckily, he decided to humor me and said, “OK, 30 minutes”.  Thirty minutes later we concluded that he did have rhythm and may not be too old.  After a couple of months he was able to play an advanced beginner version of Moon River.  Very soon he will have Bach’s Prelude No 1 in his repertoire.

Older Adults Can Find Their Voice With Piano Lessons

He has found his “voice” and is now making significant progress for the first time ever.  I am so excited for him and proud of his determination and success.  I forgot to mention that his pinky finger on his left hand does not bend!  Plus his thumbs are both drawn inward toward his palm from arthritis.  His piano has a rather light touchweight and sometimes a key will not sound.

Older people can definitely learn how to play piano

The Piano Dragon Way to practice is working like magic on both myself and my 80 year old uncle.  We have proven that you do not have to start when you are young.  It’s never too late to make your dream of playing piano come true.

Here’s the old geezer in action after 4 or 5 weeks of lessons (2017):

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Piano!

If you have tried to learn piano before and given up, or think you don’t have rhythm, I hope you will find inspiration in my uncle’s story.  Trust me, it’s just that you missed one little thing about how to practice.  You can learn piano if you learn how to practice effectively.

-Bill Deputy (pianodragon)