Piano Dragon 2016

Play piano in 45 days!

Learning the piano is no easy game.  Nothing worthwhile is.  You need help from someone who knows how to analyze your specific needs.

I’ve created over 100 videos to teach JS Bach’s Prelude in C major in 10 steps. You should be able to play it in 45 days or less if you practice every day.  If you can’t practice everyday you’ll simply learn slower, but you must be able to practice a minium of 3 days per week.

I check your progress after each section and make sure that you don’t move on to the next section too soon.

I also use the “Adult Piano Adventures” all in one piano course Book 1 to make sure you have a solid musical foundation.

You must be technically proficient enough to send video texts, email and comfortably negotiate the internet.

It’s never too late to learn piano and with personalized instruction using the Piano Dragon Way to practice, your dream of learning piano can become a reality!

Play Piano In 45 Days!