Bill Deputy - (pianodragon)Music Is More Than A Hobby

Hi, I’m Bill Deputy (pianodragon).

Composing and playing piano is more than a hobby for me; and quite exhilarating. Even though I’m 71yrs old, I am still slowly improving.

I love composing my own music, I’ve done that off and on since I was about 14 yrs old.

I’ve had piano lessons from some of the best regional teachers. However, like Chopin, I’m primarily self-taught.

A few months ago (Feb ’23), I decided to take lessons from our regional classical/composer superstar, Jennifer Nicole Campbell. I figured she would keep me on my toes, and I would start practicing what I preach for a change instead of constantly trying to figure out how to make money building a website.

When do you ever see any online piano teachers show you what THEY are doing to improve and enjoy music?

That’s what I will do from now on with this site. It will be used for my own development, and that should make for some exciting and, more likely entertaining content. Maybe when I improve, perhaps you can benefit from seeing what works for me.

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